Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Is Self Defense Illegal?

That seems to be the case. Not only are guns mostly outlawed, despite the constitutional prohibition on such things, so are knives, and other forms of self defense devices. Things like “The Asp” are mostly designated as “law enforcement only,” and are a favorite for them. But not for us. If we are found with one, it is routinely confiscated, and we are sometimes even punished for having it. Same with Tasers and other stun guns. They're legal on paper (but illegal in other places), but if they get used in self defense, they take them away, too. In some places they even charge us with a crime for using them, even in pure self defense. ANYTHING that is used as a weapon, even in self defense, is “frowned upon” by law enforcement. And Lo and behold, if you use a gun, even against a deadly criminal who would murder you, often they file charges against YOU. I have come to the conclusion that they just want to make self defense itself illegal. There are many items legally owned that CAN be used in a pinch as a self defense weapon, but if you do, they'll be often “labeled” a weapon, and you will often be punished for their use. This must STOP. But it probably won't be soon. (America's First Freedom)

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