Monday, June 12, 2017

Payments to Terrorist Families

That HAMAS pays money to the families of suicide bombers alone is cause enough for America to permanently END our payments to them, even if such payments could be otherwise justified—which they can NOT. But when you add the daily rocket attacks on random neighborhoods in Israel, it's just worse. To do so, in either case, shows their “solidarity” with terrorists, if not the fact that they FINANCIALLY support them; which makes THEM terrorists, and not worth negotiating with. Maybe one day our politicians will tumble to this, and that includes Trump, Who just recently hosted Mahmoud Abbas, HAMAS top man, who told him such payments WOULD continue, no matter what we did. If I were Trump, I'd pull those payments to HAMAS, instantly, and give Abbas the "bum's rush" OUT of the White House. (Just common sense)

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