Monday, June 12, 2017

"Kill the Terrorists!"

Ralph Natale, former mob boss, and one of the few survivors of the old mob wars, who served his time, has a simple cure for terrorism: “Kill terrorists.” Don't “capture” them and put them in a prison at GITMO or anywhere else. Just KILL them. That's all they understand. Then hang them up for all to see and call the media. You can't stop them, otherwise. The only answer is to kill as many of them as you can and let other terrorists know what you're doing. Dead terrorists don't kill many unbelievers. And that's what they do: kill everybody who refuses to believe in their phony “religion.” Or their VERSION of their “religion.” They are convinced, through brainwashing, that theirs is the ONLY “true religion,” and that they should shun or KILL those who refuse to convert to it. And there's no reasoning with them, and no “negotiating.” They believe that, to kill “unbelievers” is their highest calling and, if they, themselves, get killed in the attempt, they'll get possession of 74 “virgins” with which they can have sex forever while they for some reason REMAIN virgins. A silly belief, but they're convinced. (WatchYT)

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