Wednesday, June 21, 2017

"Evidence? What Evidence?"

“We don't need no steenkin' evidence! the very seriousness of the accusations DEMANDS we “investigate!” That's what the liberals think. And they'll “investigate” until they can investigate no more, and if they can't find anything to support their fairy tales, they'll make something up. They have no evidence of a “Russian connection” to Trump in the election, but they're spent millions, maybe BILLIONS of YOUR taxpayer dollars in their efforts to find something—ANYTHING—with which to pillory Trump. Never mind the seriousness of the charges” on Hillary on which they never followed through OR “investigated.” They call the people who DO investigate them nasty names, and blame them for her loss in the election, when it was her own fault. She was a LOUSY candidate, and was lazy in her campaign. She didn't even SHOW UP in some important states, figuring she “had them in the bag, and didn't need to go there.” She had NO real reasons why we should elect her except that she is a woman, and Trump is “nasty” in her opinion. (Just common sense)

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