Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Hillary Deluding Herself

She still hasn't admitted to herself that the major reason she lost the election is that America wants no part of her socialism. That they're tired of the things Obama has been doing to them for the last 8 years and it was obvious that electing her would give us another four years of wasting our money on the same “social programs,” and movement toward a complete socialist system. She still thinks that the only reason she lost is that America doesn't want a female president. Not so. We would be HAPPY to have a female president who would institute policies we think are right. Somebody like Sarah Palin, for example. Or Condoleeza Rice. I'd vote for either of these women in a heartbeat, and so would most Americans. And that's one reason she will NEVER be president, no matter how many times she can con the money out of gullible liberal Democrats to run. (Just common sense)

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