Friday, June 2, 2017

There's No "Gun Violence"

There's no such thing as “gun violence.” It's simply “violence.” Period. If guns didn't exist, there would still be violence, and the people wanting to DO violence would use the next best thing, as they did years ago when guns DIDN'T exist, or were too costly for most people. They used knives. They used swords; or clubs—or their bare hands. Whatever was at hand. I don't recall anybody ever bemoaning “sword violence” 200 or 300 years ago. It was “just violence.” Islamic terrorists and their “fellow travelers” even use CARS, and TRUCKS to kill people. They also use explosives. The point is, is, it's NOT “gun violence,” it's just plain VIOLENCE.

And those who wish to DO violence will do it, using whatever is available. And taking away the means for “parity” with those using guns to commit violence is STUPID. But the anti-gun fools work HARD to do just that. “Bad guys” have no trouble getting their guns, ILLEGALLY. Honest people have more trouble getting guns than do bad guys, making honest people “easy targets” for violence committed by “bad guys with guns.” Disarming yourself is NOT the way to self defense. But somehow, the anti-gun fools don't understand that. They SHUDDER to think of law-abiding people being armed in self defense, but IGNORE all the “bad guys,” who have guns, out there. I just saw a video of a mugger trying his best to KILL his victim, after already shooting him once. The only thing that saved this victim was the thug's gun jamming, probably due to lack of knowledge in gun handling. (Just common sense)

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