Thursday, June 22, 2017

Democrats Have No Shame

They criticize Republicans for doing the very same things THEY did. As an example, I saw a well-known Dumocrat who is KNOWN to have committed vote fraud in order to get elected saying.”It doesn't matter what's in the bill (meaning the Republican's bill designed to replace Obamacare) as long as it was created by 13 WHITE men BEHIND CLOSED DOORS. Of course, that's exactly how they wrote, and bulled through the Obamacare bill. The Republicans are putting the bill out publicly, TODAY. Something the Dumocrats never did. But now they're on the losing side, they criticize how it is being written and by whom. Of course, if it were being created by 13 BLACK WOMEN behind closed doors, that would be okay, if they were Dumocrats. Of course, then party with the WORST racial record going brings up the race card, unnecessarily. (Just common sense)

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