Friday, June 9, 2017

Assassination Of Kim Jong Un

Kim seems to think the U. S. conspired with S. Korea to assassinate him. La Te Dah! So the hell WHAT? I don't think there's anybody right now who RATES assassination more than he does. But frankly, if Trump wanted to get rid of this pot-bellied cartoon dictator and all his cartoon generals with their medals reaching down to their knees, he'd just send a MOAB bomb to explode over wherever he is that day. I'm sure they're keeping track of his movements and location at all times. But again, quite frankly, I think assassination would be am much better way of dealing with this fool, as it would kill a lot fewer of his citizens” than would an airstrike. He's certainly doing everything he can to EARN an assassination, but he's really not important enough to bother. I'm surprised somebody else hasn't assassinated him, already. Maybe a relative of one of the cartoon generals he has murdered. (Fox News)

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