Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Typical Police Politician

Who knows nothing about the real world, says, “concealed carry or open carry will be dangerous and get more cops killed.” Which shows his complete stupidity on the subject. Rank and file cops KNOW that more guns in the hands of law-abiding people is NOT a danger, and, in fact, means there could be some HELP for cops from that sector. His opinion completely IGNORES the millions of ILLEGAL guns already in the hands of NON-law-abiding people, which IS a danger; not only to cops, but to everybody. Many “top cops” have never been “in the trenches,” and consequently know nothing about how things work. This is apparently one of those, or if he was, he never LEARNED the way the world works. The “gun violence problem” does not come from the law-abiding, but from the CRIMINALS, crazies, and Islamic terrorists. And keeping guns out of the hands of GOOD people only gets them killed. But this chief will never learn that. He needs to look at the gun violence and see how many are caused by people legally allowed to have and carry guns, vs. those with ILLEGAL guns. It they even bother to keep such records, he will no doubt find that most, if not ALL of them are committed by holders OF ILLEGAL guns. IF he's interested. (Greenville Online)

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