Tuesday, June 13, 2017

What Is Sharia Law?

Sharia Law is a political and social system that seeks to control, absolutely, the actions of Muslims, wherever they live. It enslaves women to their men, and its basic tenets are contrary to the Constitution of the United States. Now they want to extend it to Americans, and that is largely OPPOSED by intelligent Americans. In Denver the other day, they held a “demonstration” on the steps of the State Capitol building in SUPPORT of Sharia. On the other side of the street, separated by many cops, was a counter demonstration in OPPOSITION to Sharia Law, It was largely a peaceful demonstration on both sides, though there was lots of shouting and name-calling, on both sides. The only arrests made were on a couple of Sharia opposition demonstrators who got righteously indignant at something the Sharia supporters said, and tried to take a punch at the person who said it. One woman told us we were “misrepresenting” Sharia, and that our minds were made up and not subject to changing. But Sharia speaks for itself. She cannot say HOW we “misrepresented it,” because we haven't. We have NOT “misrepresented it,” but have merely looked at it and told the truth about what it says. It is the ENEMY of constitutional law, and has NO PLACE in America, not even for Muslims who live here. If they are American citizens, they are subject to the Constitution and OUR laws, NOT Sharia. Sharia takes away their rights, and the Constitution RECOGNIZES and guarantees certain human rights that Sharia takes away. (KVDR Channel 2)

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