Friday, June 2, 2017

Bring On the Polar Bears!

If you want to see a bunch of pictures of polar bears, just get the president to announce a decision the global warming fools don't like. Like pulling out of the “Paris Accords.” One of the most famous polar bear pictures was one of a “poor, forlorn polar bear” on an ice floe knowing he's gonna starve because the ice is melting. Only one problem. It was a phony. Polar bears can swim hundreds of miles and are NOT facing hardship or extinction because the “ice is melting.” The ice is NOT melting. Believers tell you it is, but they're lying. In fact, it has INCREASED considerably in recent years. Global warming (or climate change as they call it now) is a CON. A SWINDLE that has made $BILLIONS for the con men spreading it's goo, most notably former VP AlGore, and more recently, Barack Obama. Believers in the global warming “religion” are now trying to get laws made to make questioning global warming a CRIME. They want to JAIL people for doubting them. They can't back up their fairy tales with facts, so they just want to SHUT UP people who disagree with them. (Yahoo)

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