Thursday, June 8, 2017

Fox Is Losing It

Under the influence of the two liberal sons of Rupert Murdoch, the founder, Fox News is emulating CNN in going slowly “down the tubes. They're trying their best to get rid of all the more conservative hosts, while bringing in more liberal ones, such as Marie Harf, a former Obama spokesbabe. With their recent firing of their TOP ratings-getter, Bill O'reilly, shortly after firing their long-time top man, Roger Ailes, both on questionable sexual misconduct “charges,” they shook up their entire list, moving “The five” to the old post-O'reilly slot and starting a completely new show called, the “Fox News Specialists,” (a really original title that), that is a carbon copy of “The five” with a bunch of people (mostly women with their short dresses) sitting around a table arguing politics.

Their morning show, “Outnumbered” is also VERY similar to “The Five, in that is is composed of FOUR women and ONE rotating male guest. The theme is supposed to be that the male guest is supposed to be opposed to the women and the show a “fight” between them. But it never works out that way because the man always plays the admiring guest, rarely disagreeing with them. Meanwhile, the women, who all wear the usual VERY short dresses, display their considerable legs—which I think is the understated prime attraction of the show. Don't get me wrong—I'm certainly not complaining, I'm just commenting. They ought to call that show, “Legs.” It would be much more descriptive. But my overall point is that almost ALL their new shows are like “cookie cutters” of previous, more successful ones. I predict that their ratings will soon start their fast downward slide, if they haven't already, through bad management. (Just common sense)

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