Thursday, June 22, 2017

They're Doing It Again

And again. And again. Every day liberals come up with SOMETHING with which to “bother” Donald Trump. I say, “bother” because it really does nothing to him. He “fires back” and just goes on doing what he does, which is destroying the little fiefdoms of liberals. The latest is the absurd “notes” Comey says he took the day he CLAIMS Trump asked (told) him to “forget the Mike Flynn “investigation.” He says those notes are “evidence” Trump tried to get him to stop the investigation. Comey has a lot of Trump in him. Like Trump, when he is “abused” (in his opinion), he “fights back” in the best way he can. He has no real proof of anything, so he manufactures some with his “notes.” Dumbocrats, of course, jump right on it, and are now clamoring for a subpoena to force him to “turn over his notes” so they can exploit them.

Like he really NEEDED a subpoena. He WANTS his “notes” to be made public so he can “get back” at the president for firing him, Liberals call Comey's “ notes” Trump's “smoking gun,” an allusion to Nixon's tapes, which, when released, were sure proof of obstruction of justice, which is a crime, and grounds for impeachment. But Comey's “notes” aren't nearly “sure proof.” They are only HIS WORD against that of the president. I expect Comey to make a feeble effort to keep from releasing them, but it WILL be feeble. The assumption that his firing was DESIGNED to stop an investigation is absurd, since the investigation WILL go on, and agents will work even harder to get to the truth, to avoid being accused of a coverup. (Brennan Center)

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