Monday, June 5, 2017

"How Ya Gonna Pay?"

That's the question the liberals are asking Trump when he talks about a $billion bucks for his wall. But not a peep out of them when Obama GAVE a $billion dollars to the terrorists in Iran, or when he spent our money like water, spending more than ALL previous presidents, PUT TOGETHER! It's a definite double standard: when a LIBERAL spends a lot of money, they don't even give a quiver. If a Republican spends a little, they howl like somebody stuck a barbed stick where they sit. It's so predictable, it's funny. Yet the average American doesn't even notice. They ask the question, too, right along with the liberals. And they don't even realize how stupid that is. Or they just ignore it, which is just as bad. Liberal scams are transparently phony, but they seem to work, anyway. (Rush Limbaugh)

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