Thursday, June 8, 2017

Kathy Griffin Is Stupid

She tells us, “Never in history has a sitting president said the things Trump has said about me!” Really? Maybe somebody needs to instruct her on history which, for her, seems to have BEGUN the day she was born. They should tell her about the many “sitting presidents” who have responded in kind to some of their more stupid critics. One president even challenged such a critic to a DUEL! He wanted to KILL him! Frankly—and correct me if I'm wrong—I don't think anyone before has ever shown him/herself holding the severed head (however phony) of a sitting president. That was so ignorant, it doesn't even rise to importance. But she did it, and I thought the response was pretty mild. But whatever the president, or any member of his family said about her silly picture, she had it coming. And if it ruins her career, so be it. She brought it on herself. (USA Today)

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