Thursday, June 15, 2017

"Life Or Death Battle"

MOMS Against guns (or something like that) founder Shannon Watts says, “There is a life or death battle going on in this country for gun safety, and caring Americans support gun control. Others support the gun lobby.” (Hee, hee!) It's hilarious how the anti-gun fools think they have the only right position while anybody on the other side just “supports the gun lobby.” That might be true if only their silly ideas ever WORKED. Not a single “gun law” pushed upon us by Shannon and her fellow goons has ever saved a SINGLE life. On the contrary, they have COST lives by disarming law-abiding people while IGNORING the millions of ILLEGAL guns there are out there in the hands of people who wish to do us harm. She really thinks her brand of “gun control” gives her the “high ground,” while we get the “low ground.” This is one cocky broad whose ideas MIGHT change if she ever encountered a criminal with a gun. That's if she doesn't already carry her own gun, as so many anti-gun fools do. (Breitbart)

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