Friday, June 16, 2017

Dumocrat Whiplash

Necks must be hurting in Dumbocratville today. For the longest time they have been clamoring for FBI Director Comey to be fired—so Trump fired him. Now they're whining and crying about him being fired--and HOW he was fired. Firing a top government official like that is not done,” they say. ANYTHING they figure they can whine and cry crocodile tears over, they do. They really think the American people don't notice—and they're right, with those who “pay no attention to politics” and still vote. Now they're changing the direction of their BS. They're “jumping on” Trump's crack about “recordings,” saying now that he IS recording his visits in the White House, and now they want to SUBPOENA those tapes—which may not even exist. They KNOW they do not exist, but they pretend they do exist, and when Trump says they don't exist, they accuse him of a “coverup.” There's no evidence of a coverup, either, but they will insist on it, to their dying day. (Just common sense)

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