Tuesday, June 6, 2017

"Who Has Trump's Ear?"

Old white, rich, Republican men, according to Politico. And right that is. These old, white, rich, Republican men (and a few black, rich men, also Republicans of course) are the people who should know, most things. They didn't get rich, black or white, because they're dumb. They got rich because they knew what was going on, and how it affected their business. Young broke people, black or white, don't KNOW enough to be Trump's advisers. And why should he EVER have to consult with Dumocrats? I don't know ANY Dumocrats who could add ANYTHING right to his knowledge. The Dumocrats keep making these crappy statements, never thinking about the alternative. I wouldn't want to live in a world where young, dumb people advise my president, be they black, white, or polka dotted. This is nothing against young people, but they just haven't been ALIVE long enough to know ANYTHING. Everything they've “learned” in school is wrong. And from what I've seen of them, their advice would be a disaster. One thing about them is that they regard freedom of speech to be theirs alone, and they riot to keep people with opinions with which they disagree from ever being able to speak. (Politico)

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