Friday, June 9, 2017

"It's A Big Nothingburger!"

That seems to be a popular thing to say in DC today, after Hillary said it about the “investigation” into her mishandling of official e-mails while she was Secretary of State. It has also been used to describe other investigations in DC, many of which have been going on for months, and using up the time of many congresspeople and appointed officials and costing millions of dollars, to discover—nothing. I'll tell you what the BIGGEST “nothingburger” in DC is—it's the investigation into the “Russian Connection” and the imagined Trump collaboration with it. There is not a single shred of evidence to support the contention of the Dumocrats that the Russians had Trump's collaboration with ANY Russian attempts to undermine and subvert our election, but they persist in insisting it is true, and are spending $millions of our tax dollars to prove the unprovable. They're doing everything they can to undermine and the Trump administration, and getting nowhere. They're talking about impeachment, with as little evidence to support it as they have for the “Russian Connection.” (Just common sense)

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