Wednesday, June 14, 2017

"Targety rich Environment"

It was a “target rich environment” in Alexandria, VA, where Republican congresspeople were practicing for a charity baseball game when shots rang out, seriously wounding one congressman and two cops, among others. There were MANY congresspeople there, most without any kind of protection from people such as this Bernie Sanders supporter/Trump hater. Scalise has a security detail, and they sprung into action, first pinning him down, then killing the shooter before he could hurt any more people. Two “guys with guns” stopped this from becoming a massacre of specifically Republicans. It is said that he specifically ASKED if these were Democrats or Republicans before opening fire. When innocently told they were Republicans, he happily opened fire, hoping to kill as many as he could. This proves again what I've been saying, all along. That one or two guns on the premises can STOP such shootings in their tracks. But the anti-gun fools still aren't listening, and are already demanding more of their USELESS laws keeping honest citizens unarmed and defenseless. (CNN)

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