Wednesday, June 21, 2017

They Think They Won

Dumocrats have leaped on the fact that Republicans only won by a small margin in Georgia (where they were supposed to win, BIG) to delude themselves that they won. Dumocrats winning there was supposed to be THE END of Trump, signaling that the voters had lost confidence in him. But what it did show was that the voters still loved Trump, and they couldn't even BUY an election with $50 million bucks spent. But they still (on the surface, anyway) call it a victory, signaling future wins—which aren't going to happen. They've lost FOUR major elections just lately. And they're going to lose more and more, as time goes on. But they don't think so. In their muddled world, they're “gaining momentum” and will soon start winning again. They just can't accept the fact that it is THEMSELVES who are at fault in losing these elections. They keep promoting their socialist ideas, ignoring the fact that the American people just aren't interested in their giveaways. (CNN)

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