Friday, June 9, 2017

Damfool Notions

The fanatical anti-gun fools' ideas are based on many fool notions. The worst of them is the fiction that taking guns out of the equation would stop violent crime. It would NOT. If there were no guns, the “bad guys” would find some other way to commit their violence, as they did before guns became common. Another fool notion is that “gun-free zones” will keep people from bringing guns into them and thus there will be no shootings there. Recent developments prove otherwise. Actual mass shooters have told us they SEEK OUT gun-free zones in which to do their dirty work. For instance: “Everytown For Gun Safety” (a silly name at best) was forced to note recently that there have been 220 SCHOOL shootings in America since 2013. And that doesn't even count shootings in OTHER “gun-free zones.” Since ALL schools in America are gun-free zones, that says a lot. The entire idea that making laws against law-abiding people getting guns to use in self defense is a “damfool notion.” They do NOTHING to prevent people from getting guns ILLEGALLY, and only make law-abiding people DEFENSELESS against the millions of ILLEGAL guns out there. Laws made to control the PEOPLE who misuse guns would do a lot more. The gun laws they do have have not prevented a SINGLE gun crime. (Everytown Research)

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