Tuesday, June 13, 2017

How STUPID It's Become!

Cops in Oregon responded to a report of an “armed cat,” carrying an automatic weapon. When they arrived, they discovered it was not a gun, after all. It was a gun-shaped BRANCH. So they gave the cat a “warning” not to do that again. I guess they hoped the cat would obey their “warning” and no longer carry around something that looked like a gun. How absolutely STUPID is that? Like “school officials” suspending a CHILD for a YEAR for having a transparent squirt-gun! Or drawing a PICTURE of a gun, or running around using his FINGER to pretend he has a gun, going, BANG, BANG! Or chewing a Pop Tart into the rough SHAPE of a gun! Such stories about the idiocies of “the authorities” are numerous as anti-gun fools PANIC at the very SIGHT of anything that even LOOKS like a gun and scream for the cops, who have REAL guns. (UPI)

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