Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Banned From Daughter's School

A Marine was effectively banned from his daughter’s school in Houston, TX, after he objected to a Muslim-based homework assignment. The assignment told her to give an explanation of the Five Pillars of Islam, Mecca, and Muhammad. This is something no child in public school in America should even KNOW about, since schools are not allowed to teach about religion. At least, not about Christianity. How they are allowed to teach about Islam, but not Christ, under current law, is something I just can’t understand, except to know that today’s laws are TWISTED to allow Muslims to teach Islam to our kids while Christianity is being denied. Thank Obama for that. He is doing everything he can to PROMOTE Islam. Why is that? He’s a “closet Muslim.” Don’t believe it? Watch the things he does, or allows to be done, and what he works to STOP. If I were that Marine, I would remove my daughter from that school IMMEDIATELY, and file suit against it. (IJ Review)

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