Thursday, November 13, 2014

They Never Learn

Republican elitists just can’t accept a REAL honest politician like Sarah Palin or Bobby Jindal. They have to run the same tired, old hacks like Mitt Romney again and again, guaranteeing defeat, over and over again. It seems like they don’t even CONSIDER a real candidate. Now they want to run yet another Bush who, if he wins (doubtful) will continue the elitist Republican policies that have caused voters to vote for Democrats, again. Jeb Bush might be a real nice guy, but he isn’t a “viable candidate.” I guess, like with Dole, it is just “his turn.” Even if they win, they don’t know how to act AS winners. They still “kowtow” to Democrats, saying they want to be “inclusive,” and play right into their hands, going for every con or swindle they put forth. The only GOOD thing about the Republican victory in the last election is that the Democrat majority has been broken in the Senate—for now. If they do what they usually do, we’ll probably get a Democrat victory in the next election. (Town Hall)

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