Friday, November 7, 2014

Liberals Just Don't Understand

Their brains still “spinning” over the elections. They just can’t believe it was THEIR policies that caused America to “rise up” against Democrats. First off, they’re saying it was an “anti-incumbent vote.” Which ignores the fact that there were many Democrats just running for office that were defeated. It was an “anti-Democrat” vote. But they’ll never admit that. Frankly, the election was, simply “anti-Obama.” It was a complete rejection of ALL his policies, and of all his accomplices. If he had been up for any office, he would have LOST. Not only that, many incumbent REPUBLICANS were re-elected. But they ignore that, as they always ignore facts that go against their pre-conceived notions. Obama has screwed up everything he has touched, and that has this nation “up in arms.” If they could have “tarred and feathered him and run him out of DC on a rail,” they would have. They say it shows that Republicans must “move left.” Which is another of their pipe dreams. It shows they want them to move even further RIGHT. The Democrat Party as a whole is DELUDED. (American Thinker)

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