Friday, November 14, 2014

"For God's Sake, Get A Grip!"

“That was the New York Daily News' recent front-page headline, giving voice to Americans' total exasperation with both Barack Obama and CDC chief Dr. Tom Frieden after weeks of having to endure condescending, evasive and contradictory assurances that they were totally on top of the Ebola threat – when the truth was exactly the opposite (as usual). During that period, a Liberian man who personally carried a dying Ebola victim was allowed to fly from West Africa into Dallas, where he interacted with dozens of people including school children, then fell deathly ill with Ebola. A nurse at the hospital, while following the CDC's Ebola-care protocols, became infected, and a fellow nurse, after developing a fever – the No. 1 early-warning sign of the disease – phoned the CDC to ask if it was OK to fly on a commercial airliner and was told, yes, have a great flight. Then she fell ill with Ebola as well. Meanwhile, the CDC has been changing its Ebola protocols every few days, “Obama has steadfastly refused to halt the flow of travelers into the U.S. from the West African hot zone, and has ordered 4,000 U.S. military personal into the infected region to fight the virus.

“His State Department has proposed transporting Ebola victims from West Africa into the U.S. for treatment, and he has appointed as his "Ebola czar" a Democrat political operative with zero medical experience, but lots of experience in helping fleece taxpayers out of half a billion dollars in the Solyndra fraud. Add it all up and the average American – regardless of political persuasion – believes virtually nothing the Obama administration, including the CDC, says about Ebola.” (World Net Daily) Admittedly, this was written to promote a book, but it’s a book we’d do well to read. The book is, “The Truth About Ebola: Protect Yourself and Your Family. But it is by far the best recitation of the Obama idiocy regarding Ebola I’ve seen. The book was written by Dr. Jane Orient, executive director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons and head of “Doctors for Disaster Preparedness,” and published by World Net Daily Books. Whatever puts Americans in danger, that’s what Obama does. Like bringing Ebola patients here for treatment, when they could easily be treated where they are, with our assistance and technology, and without endangering Americans.

Obama and the CDC have DEMONSTRATED their complete IGNORANCE about Ebola by allowing SEVERAL Ebola patients to travel within the USA and giving in to that nurse who doesn’t care that she may be possibly infecting people with this deadly disease. So Obama sends 4,000 American citizens (soldiers) to Africa to help “fight Ebola” and be infected, themselves. The worst thing he could do, he did, by appointing (illegally) an “Ebola Czar” who has NO medical knowledge or ability. Another lucrative appointment for one of his friends who is good at fleecing Americans and was instrumental in the Solyndra con.

It can be ordered at the WND superstore for $49.95, or they’re offering it for $39.95 for new subscribers to their magazine, “Whistleblower.” You’ll also get W. Cleon Skousen’s “The 5,000 Year Leap and there are some other offers if you subscribe for two years. But I’m not going to do all their selling for them. Go to the WNDSuperstore and let them tell you about it. You’ll find some other important books there, too. (I get no “kickback” from sales of this book. I just think it’s important for you to read it. It might save your life.)

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