Wednesday, November 5, 2014

"Extreme" to Make Murder Illegal?

That’s what Democrat politicians in Colorado are preaching—at least, in Colorado, that is. They’re running several campaigns calling Republican candidates “extreme” for being against the INFANTICIDE Democrats promote. Iy didn't work--at least, not in Cory Gardner's case. He won, going away.  Abortion IS murder. It “stills a beating heart.” And that is true, even if the child is the result of rape or incest. We should NOT punish the child for the sins of one of both parenta. Being the result of a rape should not be a death sentence. It's not that baby's fault. And “sacrificing” the child to save the life of the mother is NOT included in this. That is probably the ONLY acceptable reason for abortion. Not as a substitute for a rubber. Adoption is an answer, that doesn’t involve MURDERING the child for the CONVENIENCE of the parents. Damn, what STUPID people we have in this world to accept abortion when it involves MURDERING their children! I can’t believe human beings accept that kind of thinking! (Just common sense)

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