Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Tom Delay Cleared, Press Yawns

It’s the “Tale of Two Scams.” First, Democrat “dirty tricks” using the legal process, and second, the media’s BIAS in reporting it. A crooked prosecutor in Texas filed PHONY CHARGES against Tom Delay (R-TX) and the media went bananas covering it, writing front page stories for days, even WEEKS about the charges being filed. When Delay was cleared, you MIGHT find THREE LINES on page Z-100 at the bottom of the page, under the “escort” (prostitution) ads, if you could find it at all. Crooked Texas prosecutors have done the same thing to several Republicans, with the same results. They are STILL PUSHING phony charges against Gov. Perry. This is how Democrat politics works in some parts of Texas, as well as elsewhere, and the scam usually doesn’t make news. We all know a crooked prosecutor can get a HAM SANDWICH indicted if he really wants to. Indictment therefore, is NO indicator of guilt. It is only used to sully the reputation of honest politicians, because any story about them in the future will be prefaced by “once indicted.” (News Busters)

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