Sunday, November 9, 2014

It's NOT A Right!

No matter how much they want to force their idea of a “right” to the use of the WORD “marriage for gay unions on us, it’s NOT a “right.”  I have nothing against gays, nor what they do. I have nothing against them forming a “contract union” with each other if they want to, to be able to visit each other in the hospital and to inherit property. But I will NEVER accept their use of the WORD “marriage to describe their “unions.” The USE of that word seems to be what motivates most gay activists who demand “gay marriage.” They demand the use of the word "marriage," and that’s WRONG. Let them be gay; I don’t care. That’s THEIR business. But when they try and usurp the WORD marriage, that’s where I “stand firm.” Some will try and paint me as a “gay-hater” for this stance, but that’s PHONY. I couldn’t care less about what they do in the bedroom. Just don’t try and usurp this word. (Just common sense)

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