Sunday, November 2, 2014

Post-Birth Abortion OK?

It has become increasingly popular among college students. When you devalue human life, you can count on it “creeping” to include other life forms. At first, abortion was only allowed in the “first trimester” before a human body had formed. It crept and crept until it is now common to murder a fetus that is partially born, and some have even been left to die on a table if the abortion is botched. But now people are pushing for killing the live result of a botched abortion LEGALLY. Some say it should be okay to kill a child up to FIVE! How long before nit becomes legal to kill “old folks” who are no longer any use to society, except to impart their knowledge? How about younger people whose lives don’t have the best “quality of life” because of injury or deformity?

And WHO decides who lives and dies? Politicians, or their surrogates, the unnamed, unknown bureaucrats, of course. Don’t think it’s possible? At one time in my life I wouldn’t have thought murdering an infant in the womb for the convenience of the parents as a substitute for using a rubber when having sex would ever be legal.I was wrong. I never thought of the depths of depravity that could be found in an “average American.” The “average German” thought nothing about killing Jews during the Nazi era, either. That created the Holocaust, which led to six million deaths). Now we are creating our own Holocaust ( which has led to a LOT more deaths), and Americans are blissfully ignorant of it. Or agree with it. (NowThe End Begins)

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