Thursday, November 13, 2014

It's Turning Around

Democrats still claim that a majority of Americans want gun control, although that’s not, in any way, true. But still, the gun-grabbers still got elected, mostly because many Americans just don’t think gun rights are as important as things like keeping the goodies coming. But gun rights are becoming more and more important to Americans, and it is showing in the polls. At least THREE anti-gun governors are in danger of losing because of their anti-gun policies. Hickenlooper in Colorado, Malloy in Connecticut, and Brown in Maryland. All promoted strong anti-gun measures after  the “Sandy Hook massacre,” and all three are now fighting for their political lives. Hickenlooper has even threatened to commute the sentence of child-killer Nathan Dunlap if he was not re-elected. That is evidence that lame-duck politicians should be stripped of their powers after such an election so they can’t do something like that in revenge. Two senators in Colorado were recalled because of Hickenlooper’s legislation, and another chose to resign rather than be recalled. Americans are “showing their muscle” at the ballot box, and anti-gun fools are suffering—and will continue to suffer as long as they don’t “wise up.” (Bearing Arms)

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