Saturday, November 8, 2014

Buying and Selling Children

The “child protection services” in this country are in the  child-selling” business. If they get their hands on your kids, they take them away from you, sometimes without legal cause, using their own “courts” to make their scam LOOK legal. Then they play the “foster care game,” moving them from home to home, sometimes getting them abused more than they CLAIM they were abused in their original home, getting a “fee” from the feds at every juncture, and for each day they have “custody” of them. By the time they find someone willing to adopt them, they’ve made thousands of dollars in “fees” from the feds and will collect yet ANOTHER “fee” for each child they can successfully get adopted. ($4,500 for a regular kid and $6,000 each for a “special needs” kid). Of course, by the time they get through the foster care system, ALL are “special needs” children. In some cases, they kidnap them so fast, they have to let them sleep on the floor of their office until they can find a place for them. This is a RACKET, and should be closely inspected by people who can DO something about them, not by their “state authorities,” most of whom are complicit. (Protecting Our Children)

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