Thursday, November 6, 2014

Guns Not A Medical Issue

Gun control is NOT a “medical issue,” so why is the Centers For Disease Control (CDC) involved? Because the government wants to MAKE gun control a “medical issue,” when it is NOT. They think if it BECOMES a “medical issue,” that gives them more strength in making laws OPPOSING gun ownership, which is not the problem, anyway. It’s a phony issue, but they’re pushing it. You can’t stop criminals from owning guns by making LAWS, which they don’t obey, anyway. You need to make laws to make USING a gun so dangerous to them that they stop using them. Yes, that might contribute to more murders. But you can’t stop making laws because they contribute to more lawlessness. That’s a specious, damned fool argument, and the people who make it are damned fools. (Daily Caller)

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