Sunday, November 2, 2014

How Democrats Win Elections

It’s not by getting the most votes. It’s by CHEATING. They STEAL more votes than they get properly. One way is by stuffing the ballot box. The other day, a guy did it OPENLY (I watched him), and nobody did ANYTHING to stop him. One guy asked him what he was doing and was told to “go screw yourself.” Another way is for “election officials” and others to vote many times, since Democrats are the people who are in most of the “election official” positions in America. They make sure of that. It’s part of their scam. Another is to let illegal aliens vote illegally to win ANY “low-hanging fruit” close elections. Yet one more is to “legalize” “illegal aliens” on the promise they’ll vote Democrat, which has been done in the story linked below. They CLAIM there IS no “voter fraud,” to speak of. That’s because they make sure there’s no way to catch it when it happens, in most cases. One way they do that is to push the FICTION that, in a country where EVERYBODY has “photo ID”  (you need one to use a restroom in some places) requiring photo ID in order to make sure each person votes only one time is somehow “racist” or “oppressing to the poor.” Even making getting a photo ID FREE makes no difference to them. They still oppose it because it would end their biggest way to steal elections, people voting many times for Democrats. (Minuteman News)

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