Saturday, November 15, 2014

Obama to Return "Peace Prize?"

Don’t count on it. That would be an admission of wrongdoing on his part, and Obama NEVER admits he’s wrong. They list their reasons for asking, including his “warlike actions” in Iraq and Afghanistan, and his current bombing missions in Iran and Syria, even if they are necessary. I think they should never have given it to him, in the first place. It was just a product ot his “deification” in 2008, which infected EVERYBODY (except me, of course, I knew about him when he first crawled out from under his rock). They thought he would SURELY do many “peaceful things” in the future, so they gave it to him, hoping they were right. But even a stupid president like Obama must act when he finds himself in a situation where he needs to protect his country and can’t politically escape it. Too bad for the Nobel Committee; they’ve made several such mistakes, and probably will make even more. But don’t look for a package from Obama—OR the money back. (The Final Edition)

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