Monday, November 3, 2014

Are Our Cops STUPID?

Not all of them, certainly. But just as there are “bad apples” in any group, there are “bad cops” in any police force. There are also STUPID cops on any police force. Stupid cops threatened to arrest CHRISTIANS that were “bloodied” by rocks thrown by Muslims. Yes, it WAS a Muslim gathering and Christians who know the Muslim proclivity toward violence to “unbelievers” really ought to stay away from such gatherings. But to threaten them with ARREST if they don’t leave after being pelted with rocks by Muslims? That’s sheer stupidity on the part of those cops. They should have arrested those Muslims for grievous assault on those Christians. It can only BE stupidity on the part of those cops for their actions. An early court decision throwing out the Christians’ case against the Muslims “reaffirmed the Muslims’ First Amendment Rights” while DENYING those of the Christians.” What is WRONG with those cops? What is wrong with that court? The decision is being appealed, and will be heard by the full court, in an action that is rare. (World NetDaily)

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