Wednesday, November 5, 2014

"Slapped Their Teeth Out"

There are Democrat teeth all over the floor after last night’s election. Obama had said the Democrats were going to win, but we know he’s deluded. Democrats, including Harry Reid, also told us they were going to win, but he’s deluded, too. The forces of intelligence and competence only needed to win 6 seats in the Senate to take control, but won 7. They won so big in the House that they now have a “historic” majority and Stupid Nancy moves further and further away from the leadership (Thank God!). The only reason she is still IN the House is because she wasn’t up for election this time. Harry Reid is gone as Senate Majority Leader and those 380 House-passed bills sitting on his desk can now proceed to a vote. Holding all those bills is a CRIME. But he doesn’t think so. One man should NEVER be allowed to create such a “logjam.” Nobody should have that kind of power. There should be a time limit for a vote on House-passed measures so the Majority Leader cannot hold them hostage to his ideology.

Even though the Democrat billionaires among the anti-gun fools did win one victory when I-594 passed in Washington State, forcing background checks for buyers in ALL gun transfers, including between family members. And Obama CAN keep on making executive orders to “bypass Congress, while vetoing everything he can. But we CAN slow him down considerably by de-funding his pipe-dreams, since the Republicans now hold the “purse strings” firmly in their hands. He can’t implement his pipe-dreams if there’s no money to spend. There might even be a chance to impeach Obama with an all Republican Congress. though I think they STILL don't have the gonads. What happened to the “war on women?” You probably noticed that, among the Republicans elected, were several WOMEN. If that “war on women” that was supposed to exist in the Republican Party was real, that couldn’t have happened. There’s a lot of work yet to be done to reverse all the damage Obama has done, and I sincerely hope the Republicans (among which are several “Tea Partiers”) are up to the job; and the Tea Parties likewise. Who do you think is responsible for the Republican “blowout?” I will have much more to to say as I consider these results further. (Just common sense)

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