Wednesday, March 7, 2018

One Problem; It's Not True

The FactTank isn't very factual. It says pro-gun people are quicker to contact their representatives than are anti-gun people. There's one little problem; it's NOT true. The main problem with the anti-gun people is that they re a very small bunch of people, but they are very LOUD. They make up for their small numbers with the sheer VOLUME of their protests. And wimpy politicians respond, thinking that a majority of Americans WANT gun control. Other politicians are anti-gun fools, themselves, and keep on making their USELESS "gun laws" that don't control ANYTHING. Neither group will admit that not a SINGLE "gun law" has ever done ANYTHING to stop, or even slow down "gun crime." They still insist on making them, even as they get people KILLED, by keeping the law-abiding DISARMED, while IGNORING all the ILLEGAL guns already out there in the hands or criminals and other "bad guys." (FactTank)

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