Monday, March 12, 2018

Profiling Is Good

Liberals hate profiling--any kind of profiling. they whine that the cops profile only black males, because they're black. They think ANY kind of profiling should be banned. Profiling, if used right, is a valuable tool for the cops. It allows them to notice things that tell them a person is carrying a gun, which is probable cause to search them to be sure. And if they find one, and the subject has no "carry permit," to arrest him/her. Any cop can walk down the street and KNOW who the "bad guys" are, just by their actions. Such as immediately turning away when they spot a cop. That's called a "suspicious action." One of the most effective "crime fighting" programs is in Baltimore, where they assign plainclothes detectives to "hang around" in areas known for gun violence, which places them "close by" when a gunfight breaks out, or one guy (or gal) shoots another. These programs have reduced gun violence in other cities where they are used, as well. The detectives in the program use profiling as a major tool in finding potential bad guys who are illegally armed, or to be able to be close by when they shoot someone. They don't profile someone because they're black, as liberals insist. In the areas they patrol, EVERYBODY is black, as are most of the detectives, so they will not "stand out." Criminals want to ban profiling because it is such an effective tool to "keep them honest." (Hub)

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