Friday, March 9, 2018

It's NOT Wray's Fault!

Ignorant fools in the government and the news media are demanding "the head of Christopher Wray" because of the failure of the FBI to properly investigate the report that the guy who ended up murdering 17 CHILDREN in their school in Broward County, Florida was a potential school killer. It's a "knee-jerk" reaction for some to call for the "head guy" to resign or be fired when things like this happen. But this case never reached the director's office. It didn't even reach the office of the Agent In Charge in MIAMI! If they want the "scalp" of anybody in the FBI, it should be whoever made the decision not to further investigate the report, period. Protocol was NOT followed, and that is NOT the fault of the director, even if he wasn't a "short-timer" in the office. There is NO WAY he could have been aware of what happened, even if he had been in office forever. So they should put the blame where it belongs, not on the head of the big boss. (Just common sense)

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