Monday, March 12, 2018

Why Call Trump Racist?

Even the Dumocrats don't believe Trump is a racist, any more.. But they have no answers to his successes as president, and they know nothing else except to accuse him of racism, with no backing in fact. They've done it for years, accusing everybody who disagrees with their disastrous policies of being racist. It increased with the election of Barack Obama, a man who almost destroyed this country as a free nation, who told us electing him would "END racism forever." Instead, with his help, it REVIVED racism. Only this time it was black against WHITE racism, and included cop killing, claiming, (erroneously) that cops went out every day HUNTING black men to kill. Nobody believes racism is rampant in this country any more, not even liberals (Dumocrats), if they ever did believe it. Calling their opponents racists is one of their common ploys to win arguments without having to argue on the FACTS. The left is trying HARD to get a race war started, so they can make ever tighter laws to restrict what WHITES can do. They care not how many must DIE for this to happen. Maybe even some of them. (Conservative Tribune)

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