Friday, March 9, 2018

Why Close GITMO?

They're back at it again. Dumocrats are whining about closing GITMO again. Never mind they have had sixteen years (Clinton and Obama) running things in DC while promising to do it, themselves--and DIDN'T. Never mind Obama released many GITMO prisoners, who went right back to killing innocent people. What's the big deal about closing GITMO? Most of the inmates there have murdered any number of innocent people. That's their whole reason for being--to kill innocent people to "make a point." If we release them all, you can count on them murdering even MORE innocent people. Those caught in the act should have been executed on the spot. No trials, no holding them until they can be condemned by law and executed after much money has been spent on them and so much time has passed that we can't even remember who they murdered, or how many. An Islamic terrorist is not entitled to the rights we extend to the human criminals in America. If they're released, all we're doing is adding to the number of terrorists we must fight, later. We don't keep them in GITMO to punish them. We keep them there to keep them from killing more innocents. To release them is to condemn thousands of inocent people to death--some after being raped. (Just common sense)

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