Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Not Very Good Swindler

AlGore isn't a very good swindler, although, due to the abysmal ignorance of his "followers," he has made $billions with his global warming swindle. Why anybody believes a word he says is a mystery to me, unless it IS ignorance. Nine years ago, he "predicted" that the polar ice caps would be completely gone in five years. Not too smart. A good swindler would have told them that it wouldn't happen until after they were dead, so they would have no ability to see how wrong he was. He has made several such "predictions," all of which have been proven wrong. Yet his acolytes still revere him as a "prophet." That only proves to me that there are way too many ignorant people in this world, and that includes many top politicians. Though I firmly believe those politicians really don't believe him, they just PRETEND to believe him so they can tax us more to "fight global warming" (now called, "climate change," so they can better attribute even COOLING to his swindle). He and his followers keep telling us that the ice floes the polar bears depend on are disappearing. Which is a LIE. Polar bears can swim hundreds of miles and do NOT "depend" on them. And they are NOT "disappearing, in any case. (Conservative Tribune)

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