Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Anti-Gun Coffee Shop

In Oakland, California (where else?), there is a coffee shop that has asked the cops to "stay away," and that they would take care of their own business if some thugs came in with guns to rob and kill people there. They would "rely on their neighbors to protect them" if that happens. Then, when the inevitable does happen (as it will), the cops should stay at least 500 feet away from their coffee shop while the thugs and the coffee shop "neighbors" have their gun fight. After it's over, the cops should then ask a CIVILIAN "clean-up crew" to come in, remove the bodies, clean up the blood as best they can, and then go away, They should notify the owners of that coffee shop that they would accede to their wishes, and not set foot on their property, even to investigate the killings. They should advise the public also to stay away from that coffee shop if they would like to remain alive. Then let the owners (if they're still alive) do what they can to see that it doesn't happen again. Then they can send in a clean-up crew to clean up after THAT gun fight. (Fox News)

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