Wednesday, March 7, 2018

A Contradiction

Liberals apply different standards to different situations. for instance, "religious freedom" has no meaning when you're talking about baking cakes for somebody if that cake would violate your religious convictions. If you do, you can be sued out of business while the liberal court "awards" MASSIVE payments (that you'll never be able to make) to the people who demand it. They call it "discrimination." But when large retailers, such as "Dick's Sporting Goods," or "WalMart" refuse to sell AR-15s to people under 21 even though it is still legal to do so, it is NOT "discrimination based on age. Thus proving (again) that liberals want what they want, when they want it, and to hell with logic and common sense. They think neither exists, anyway. They think that somehow, just because they want it, it is NOT "discrimination. But if WE want it, it IS "discrimination." They apply the same rule elsewhere, too. Allowing men who "say" they're women that day in women's bathrooms so they can ogle the young girls there is also something they want to FORCE upon us, even though logic and common sense says, "NAY!" They're fools, but they'll never realize that. (War On Guns)

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