Wednesday, February 6, 2019

They're Getting Ready

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg is still resisting retirement as she “recovers” from her recent cancer surgery at home. She has had THREE bouts with cancer and most of them are in recent years. That should tell her something, but it apparently doesn’t. She’s only shortening her remaining life by remaining on the Court, just for the political purpose of keeping President Trump from being able to appoint yet another INTELLIGENT member to replace her. Somebody who will rule, based on the CONSTITUTION, as he/she is supposed to do, rather than on all the other extraneous things some Justices have mentioned, including FOREIGN law—which should not, and does not apply in ANY case that would be considered by the court. The Court is supposed to be completely without politics—which is why Justices are appointed for life—but Justice Ginsberg shows plainly it is NOT. I hope she “wises up” and retires soon, and lives a long life in retirement. Trump people are already making a “short list” of candidates to replace her. They know what can, and probably will happen. There WILL be an opening on the Court soon, whether she likes it, or not. (Legal Insurrection)

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