Monday, February 4, 2019

Political Correctness Offends Me

These days it seems that Muslim extremists and others, mostly liberals are just LOOKING for things about which to be offended. Well, their being offended at every turn, about things we take for granted, offends ME. Unfortunately, there is no law (and never should be) against “being offended.” If you are offended by anything, you are free to gripe about it in this (so far) mostly free society—which liberals and Muslim extremists take free advantage of. Muslim extremists come here, ostensibly to flee their original societies and their practices, then try to bring those very practices here. If we object, they call us bigots, or racists, or that “made up epithet,” Islamaphobia. Liberals tend always to side with them, to our detriment. But liberals do that, since they are for anything we are against. Liberals care only for their ability to gain, or retain power over the rest of us, and to hell with what is good for us. They aren’t intelligent enough to realize how their policies are hurting this nation. The political correctness they promote is simply a means to stop people from criticizing liberal practices. It is an attempt to shut us up without having to answer our charges. It is CENSORSHIP, pure and simple. (Just common sense)

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