Monday, February 11, 2019

Typical Socialist Crap

New York City Mayor DeBlasio says there’s plenty of wealth around, “but it’s in the wrong hands.” That’s typical socialist crap if I ever heard any. What the hell gives him the right to judge who is “the wrong people” to have money? The people to whom he refers are the people who EARNED it. And he WANTS it. So he plans to use the power of the government to TAKE it. That’s what socialists do. Find somebody able and willing to EARN, and then LOOT what they have earned, for the benefit of those who do not, or CAN not earn it for themselves. That’s what socialism is, and socialism depends on there being SOMEBODY there who CAN earn, so they can loot them. Their very motto exposes them: “FROM each according to his ABILITY, and TO those according to his NEED.” Making need a DEMAND on the earnings of others. Which is THEFT. But that is what socialism is based on. Theft from the able, for the benefit of the UNABLE or unwilling. It’s simple greed, and is the very thing that moves criminals to steal what is not theirs. The only difference here is that it is the government doing the stealing. DiBlasio is determined to “wrest the money from the wrong hands,” which is open THEFT. And you can bet some of it will find its way into his pockets. (Breitbart)

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