Friday, February 8, 2019

"Presidential Harassment"

There has ever been a president more “investigated” by Congress, without finding a shred of any kind of evidence of wrongdoing, yet they won’t let up. Dumocrat “Pencil Neck” Adam Shiff, who CLAIMED he had “sure evidence” that President Trump “collaborated” with the Russians to win the election way before the Mueller witch hunt even began—but somehow never showed his hand, just talked about it, is now trying hard to get hold of President Trump’s tax returns—something that, on general principles, is NOT his business without a good reason to demand them. This when the Mueller witch hunt is about to end with absolutely NOTHING, just to keep the scam going. Somebody needs to open an investigation into all these endless “investigations” that have wasted millions of dollars in taxpayer money, only to weasel a couple of “process crime” pleadings to things that happened way before President Trump even THOUGHT about running. There should be solid evidence of a crime before they are even ALLOWED to conduct such expensive “investigations” so they may not inhibit a lawfully elected president in doing his duty. (New York Times)

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